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Noun1.Jinghpaw - a Kachinic language
Kachin, Kachinic - Tibeto-Burman languages spoken in northernmost Burma and adjacent China and India
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com Village hopping Get a glimpse of the lives and colours of the local Khampti, Singpho and Tangsa tribes What: The rich tribal culture of Arunachal Pradesh is a huge draw for travellers.
Cultural Folk Dances like Tangsa Rongrang War Dance, Assamese Bihu Dance, Bamboo Dance, Lungchang Dance (Changlang), Singpho (Bordumsa Dance), Galo Dance, Wancho Dance, Apatani Dance, Myanmarese Dance were some of the main attractions at the festival.
Traditional Assamese and Singpho (a tribe from Arunachal) ethnic cuisine, flavoured with aromatic herb and spices and fresh garden produce.