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a.1.(Ethnol.) Of or pertaining to the Chinese and allied races; Chinese.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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In Chinese eyes, Korea has long been part of Sinic civilization and a Sino-centric East Asian regional order (see Giles 2005b).
More recent trends in scholarship closely attend to Southeast Asian cultural expressions without seeking out their possible Sinic, Arabic, or Indic origins.
A flourishing among sufis of ghulat-tempered beliefs, like that of incarnation (hulul), however, was particularly affected by the Buddhism of the Mongols and the whole range of Indic, Turkic, and Sinic influences from the East that a pax mongolica had stimulated.
While our view from the sea casts serious doubt on the Sinic agrarian model of early Vietnamese political economy and ethnicity and moves Dai Viet closer to the rest of Southeast Asia, what we have seen are little more than broken dots on the coast, rather than a complete structure.
In this coastal zone, stretching south to Nghe An, there arose a new culture, one more open to the Sinic world than the capital region.
Lieberman, in his study of sociopolitical integration in early modern Viet Nam, describes how Vietnamese (really, Sino-Vietnamese) culture militated against disintegrated regions: 'the integrative implications of Sinic culture ...
Taken together, what these later writings show--without of course intending to do so--is that even in northern Vietnam, the area of longest Sinic influence and from where most of my examples have been selected, local people did not regard Christianity as an alien cult with no legitimate place in the kingdom.
It is post-Mao China, with its emphasis on modernisation and cautious adoption of a market economy while holding on tightly to a centralised political system, that the Singapore leadership has seen as the source of economic opportunities, and which cast a pragmatic angle on the learning of Mandarin for Singapore's ethnic Chinese, in addition to the Sinic cultural mien that would purportedly forestall deracination and support state patriarchy.
Elements of this backdrop affect the events themselves, such that historical development is merely the constant attempt (in whatever form--Indic, Sinic or Western) to handle the backdrop.
Studies range from the first century CE to the present, with a geographical focus on mainland Southeast Asia, although there are also incisive single contributions on Rajasthan, the Liangshan region of China (both justified by the editor because of the Indian and Sinic influences on the region), Java and a particularly interesting inclusion of material on Madagascar, a region whose experience of slavery owes much to its Southeast Asian roots.
Bereft of either an Indic or Sinic legacy, bordering on the Pacific and Polynesia, and cast adrift by its subsequent Hispanic and Christian legacy, the Philippines has often been viewed as the 'odd man out' of the region, even to the extent of being excluded from D.
If the Nguyen realm was merely the most successful of several principalities "created while a legitimate dynasty [the Le] occupied the throne",(5) the Nguyen themselves fitted comfortably within a narrow sinic frame.