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 (sī′nĭ-sīz′, sĭn′ĭ-)
tr.v. Si·ni·cized, Si·ni·ciz·ing, Si·ni·ciz·es
To make Chinese in character or to change or modify by Chinese influence.

Si′ni·ci·za′tion (-sĭ-zā′shən) n.


(ˈsaɪnɪˌsaɪz) or


vb (tr)
(Anthropology & Ethnology) to give a Chinese character to


(ˈsɪn əˌsaɪz)

v.t. -cized, -ciz•ing.
to make Chinese in character or bring under Chinese influence.
[1885–90; Sinic Chinese (< Medieval Latin Sīnicus < Medieval Greek Sīnikós= Late Greek Sîn(ai) the Chinese (see Sino-) + Greek -ikos -ic) + -ize]
Sin`i•ci•za′tion, n.
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Unlike some free trade prophets who think of globalization as just another form of Americanization, Rodrik warns it could as easily turn out to be a form of Sinicization.
And as soon as the Western theories arrive in China, they undergo two kinds of variations: one is that China borrows completely the lineage of knowledge of Western literary theories while the other is the variation of Western literary theories on their own, namely, Sinicization of Western literary theories (Cao and Tan 5).
In the final section, all of these domestic issues are shown to have an international dimension, as Hong Kong's image as an international city and a gateway to the Mainland continues to be undermined by what the authors call the provincialization, or Sinicization, of Hong Kong.
Brindley rejects sinicization as a useful interpretive model, despite the evidence that Yue elites were adopting Chinese ways, willingly or by force.
Sinicization has been the subject of debate among scholars of China who study the assimilation of its alien scholars and of its alien conquerorsuthe Manchus of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) in particular have received much attention.
The hierarchical Imperial system was built upon an inequalitarian ideology that classified subjects according to age, kin according to familial ties with the clan head, caste according to their usefulness to the Empire, and States according to their degree of sinicization, while the Emperor remained at its apex.
Yi thus highlights the sinicization of the original Brechtian drama, and celebrates the diversity of Sichuan and the regional opera form through the portrayal of various chou characters in Sichuan Haoren.
The sinicization of Christianity amounts to de-Christianizing the church in China and eradicating the universal nature of Christianity under the appearance of constructing a 'Christianity with Chinese characteristics,' and, in the name of prioritizing the interests of the Communist Party, usurping Christian doctrine that 'Christ is the head of Church,"' explains the 2014 China Aid report documenting the actions.
The year 461 predates Emperor Shiawwen's (471-499) systematic policy of Sinicization, so that in the 461 stele we can catch a glimpse of the Shianbei state before Sinicization.
On the other hand, some of the more introvert Hui, who are less vulnerable to state propaganda and the tools of Sinicization, still retain the traditional connotation of Hui that was equated to Muslim essentially, since for centuries they have been called "Hui" owing to their affiliation with their religion, i.
However, perceived threats of Sinicization together with China's preponderant economic clout make this an onerous task, especially when cultural influences are disseminated through state channels.
Sinicization of Christianity is for the sake of harmonious coexistence of Christianity with Chinese society, the Chinese nation, and Chinese traditional culture--for Christianity's benign existence in China's current reality.