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 (sī′nĭ-sīz′, sĭn′ĭ-)
tr.v. Si·ni·cized, Si·ni·ciz·ing, Si·ni·ciz·es
To make Chinese in character or to change or modify by Chinese influence.

Si′ni·ci·za′tion (-sĭ-zā′shən) n.
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(ˈsaɪnɪˌsaɪz) or


vb (tr)
(Anthropology & Ethnology) to give a Chinese character to
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(ˈsɪn əˌsaɪz)

v.t. -cized, -ciz•ing.
to make Chinese in character or bring under Chinese influence.
[1885–90; Sinic Chinese (< Medieval Latin Sīnicus < Medieval Greek Sīnikós= Late Greek Sîn(ai) the Chinese (see Sino-) + Greek -ikos -ic) + -ize]
Sin`i•ci•za′tion, n.
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This strategy of conquest is rooted in its history of 'Sinicizing the natives,' according to a Sinologist.
Speaking to ANI, Brynne Lawrence, English editor at ChinaAid, warned, "Christian freedom in China is rapidly deteriorating.President Xi Jinping has emphasized 'Sinicizing' Christianity throughout his rule, or forcing it to align with communist party ideals and ideology.
"Sinicizing Early Modernity: The Imperatives of Historical Cosmopolitanism." Eighteenth-Century Studies 43.3: 299-306.
Part two shows how agents have been instrumental in sinicizing Christianity, especially by the ways in which they redefined a foreign religion and situated it in the Chinese context for local practice.
Sinicizing International Relations: Self Civilization, and Intellectual Politics in Subaltern East Asia.
It was due to the Sinicizing policies of Ming after the Mongols that the Arabic language declined and then finally diminished, but before dwindling it had left a long-lasting impact on Chinese Muslims' education and culture.
In this respect, Zhang Jian's comment shows how important Ding Xilin was in modernizing the Chinese theatre in the twentieth century : "His comedies can rightly be regarded as successful new forms born in the process of sinicizing the Ibsen type of social plays....
At its own core, Amid the Clouds and Mist revises Sinicizing stereotypes of the Ming [1368-1644] colonization of southwestern China to assert that the maintenance of ethnic distinctions, rather than Sinicization, was the dynastic priority.
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Victor Mair and Mei Tsu-lin, "The Sanskrit Origins of Recent Style Prosody," Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies 51.2 (1991): 396, summarize Shen Yueh's development of Chinese tonal prosody into a new system that translated the euphonic effects of Sanskrit meter to the Chinese language, calling it "Sinicizing Sanskrit meter" (p.