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 (sī′nə-fī′, sĭn′ə-)
tr.v. Si·ni·fied, Si·ni·fy·ing, Si·ni·fies
To Sinicize.

[Late Latin Sīnae, the Chinese; see Sino- + -fy.]

Si′ni·fi·ca′tion (-fĭ-kā′shən) n.
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reflect their own identity, or resist the sinification of their culture.
When Shiawwen Dih moved the capital to Luohyang in 493, he instituted a policy of radical sinification.
It contains not only the globalization of Chinese literature, but also the Sinification of world literature.
Fan Zhongxin, Fazhi Zhongguohua de Lishi Faxue Jinlu [Legal Historical Approach to the Sinification of the Rule of Law], JIANCHA RIBAO [PROCURATORIAL Daily] (Apr.
This is a deeply engrossing book that makes a strong argument against what the author terms a sinocentric insistence on a "nebulous" process of sinification in the historical sources and in later scholarship that ignores the persistence of features brought into China during the early Middle Ages.
The theory of socialism with Chinese characteristics," he declared, "is the latest success of the Sinification (zhongguohua) of Marxism, the most precious riches of the Party's politics and spirit, and the foundation of the common thought of the whole people's struggle for unity.
The Sinification of Cinema: The Foreignness of Film in China.
For a century now, first the Republic of China and then the People's Republic of China, have pursued the coercive sinification of non-Chinese peoples, only a small fraction of the total population, but inhabiting about half the area of the country.
John Herman shows that contrary to popular narratives about "natural" sinification, incorporating what is today's southwest China was really a two-century-long bureaucratic and military enterprise deeply shaped by local understandings.
Migration of dominant groups within large powers such as Russia and China is on the long run was mostly relevant because of its russification respectively sinification of the areas of expansion.
But the Sinification policy represented by that train service has ignored the indigenous culture and religion; officials from Beijing have not been noted for their sensitivity to Tibetan culture.
The ruling class has used baseball to implement their own political agendas, including Japanization, Sinification and, most recently, Taiwanization.