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Noun1.jocote - common tropical American shrub or small tree with purplish fruit
mombin - purplish tropical fruit
fruit tree - tree bearing edible fruit
genus Spondias, Spondias - tropical trees having one-seeded fruit
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To bolster to their front yard organic farm, the couple urges residents to sell them whatever crops they have 'siniguelas, mangoes, squash' instead of letting it rot on the ground.
Flores says they're fermenting siniguelas, making kombucha from Philippine mangoes, and curing roe from a variety of local fishes.
Two such fruits are the duhat and siniguelas, both of which I would categorize as "fruits for munching." They're not fruits served for desserts like mangoes or pineapples but they're more for snacking, best enjoyed with rock salt.
Anita Magsaysay-Ho's "Siniguelas Gatherers" tied with Amorsolo's "Cooking under the Mango Tree" for the top spot at P23.3 million each.
Less plentiful are beetles (salagubang), which appear very briefly in early May when the siniguelas trees are green with young leaves.
Eventually, it would be like a siniguelas (a plum).
Mangoes, you can't get lanzones here, you can't get siniguelas, all these fruits that I grew up with.'
Those who are looking for macopa, siniguelas, and aratilis will surely find these delicacies in the city's fruit stalls.
With its sweet and tangy flavor, Mangga't To Believe In Magic joins the brand's other uniquely flavored juices like siniguelas, mangosteen, pomelo and tamarind.
Likewise, many Filipinos from younger generations no longer know their local fruits such as "siniguelas," said Gretchen King, Group Product Manager for Filipino beverage label Locally produced by food and beverage companyNutriAsia.
What were once common native fruits such as duhat, chico, mabolo, siniguelas, chesa, and macopa, to name a few, are now difficult to source even in wet markets.
We bought assorted fruits: singkamas, duhat, siniguelas, bananas, kamachile and mangoes (both green and ripe).