Sinister aspect

(Astrol.) an appearance of two planets happening according to the succession of the signs, as Saturn in Aries, and Mars in the same degree of Gemini.

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Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
References in classic literature ?
The Grève had then that sinister aspect which it preserves to-day from the execrable ideas which it awakens, and from the sombre town hall of Dominique Bocador, which has replaced the Pillared House.
He had lived some time among the Crows, so as to become acquainted with their language and customs; and was, withal, a dogged, sullen, silent fellow, with a sinister aspect, and more of the savage than the civilized man in his appearance.
But heartburn has a more sinister aspect that can show up well after people leave the table.
As outrageous as this incident is on its own merits, it takes on an even more sinister aspect in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, which involved the suicide hijacking of two jets from Boston's Logan Airport.
Such amusingly petty machiavellianism has its sinister aspect. For there is little doubt that the British intellectual elite--if those are the words properly to describe it --has now, for both ideological and base commercial reasons (liberally admixed with moral cowardice and pusillanimity), become abjectly populist.
While our most influential spokesperson for the carnivalesque, Mik hail Bakhtin, has suggested that in the Renaissance, "literature's sundered tie with the public square is re-established" as it introduced new "forms for making public all unofficial and forbidden spheres of human life"(1983, 163), it is clear from Ligurio's actions that there is a markedly sinister aspect in acts of "making public." [74]
This is the most sinister aspect of The Cider House Rules: To become a real man [and real physician!], just say yes to abortion.
The sinister aspect of the youths' attack on the old doctor is minimized in Skoog's production, but Trimmer still catches a real poignancy in Coppelius's confusion and dismay.
The Rushton connection reflects a particularly revealing and sinister aspect of the Herrnstein/Murray collaboration.
The same mission takes on a sinister aspect in relation to Iraq.
But it seems that the twist and rock n roll phase may be entering into a different and sinister aspect if such types of entertainment become more widespread.