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also Sin·o·log  (sī′nə-lôg′, -lŏg′, sĭn′ə-)
A student of or specialist in Sinology.
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Pour le sinologue Sebastian Weg, ce retour en force du parti est illustre par la resurgence des pratiques militantes d'antan du genre: les autocritiques, [beaucoup moins que]la ligne de masse[beaucoup plus grand que], le discours ideologique et la valorisation de la discipline.
Deux des initiateurs de cette rencontre de Paris, l'economiste Fatiha Talahite, de l'Universite Paris 8, et Thierry Pairault, socio-economiste, sinologue et directeur de recherche emerite au CNRS de Paris, ont ete invites a ce colloque.
A Sinologue has no time to learn how to write poetry; a poet hasno time to learn how to read Chinese"; in 1958 George Kennedysaid of Ezra Pound, "Undoubtedly this is fine poetry.
His career combines outstanding achievements in three areas, "[a]ny-one of which would have sufficed to distinguish an ordinary person: a diplomat who served on important posts as a Netherlands envoy; a sinologue scholar, one with extraordinarily wide-ranging interests and knowledge; and an author-artist, creator of the immensely popular Judge Dee novels and the illustrations for them." (2)
Girardot states that Legge was "the most distinguished European Sinologue in the world," and that this influence became greater with the publication of the Sacred Books of the East (111).
Simpson describes an occasional "Sinologue" who would select an armful of rarities and dash back through the flames only to be met by marines "with a stern order to stop such literary looting." However, he thought that some copies must have found their way out of the library and "may be someday resurrected in strange lands." One such example of this occurred as late as the 1960s, when the British Museum acquired a volume taken by Captain Frances Garden Poole during the siege for 50.00 [pounds sterling] that was worth some 10,000.00 [pounds sterling] in the early 1990s (Seagrave, 1992, p.
This is a collection of the book reviews of the early twentieth century Sinologue Erwin Ritter von Zach (1872-1942).
Sinologue et titulaire d'une maitrise en Histoire de Chine, elle est aussi juriste et possede un doctorat en droit de la Faculte de droit de l'Universite McGill.