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dialect Scot and Northern English in the saddle



v. sat, sat, sit•ting. v.i.
1. to rest with the body supported by the buttocks or thighs; be seated (often fol. by down).
2. to be located or situated: The house sits on a cliff.
3. to rest or lie (usu. fol. by on or upon): An aura of greatness sits upon her.
4. to place oneself in position for an artist, photographer, etc.; pose.
5. to remain quiet or inactive: Let the matter sit.
6. (of a bird) to cover eggs with the body for hatching; brood.
7. to fit or hang, as a garment.
8. to occupy an official seat or have an official capacity, as a legislator.
9. to be convened or in session, as an assembly.
10. to take care of something or someone like a baby-sitter (usu. used in combination): to plant-sit for the neighbors.
11. to blow from the indicated direction: a wind sitting in the west.
12. to be accepted or considered in the way indicated: His answer didn't sit right with us.
13. to be acceptable to the stomach: My breakfast didn't sit too well.
14. to cause to sit; seat (often fol. by down): Sit yourself down.
15. to sit astride or keep one's seat on (a horse or other animal).
16. to provide seating accommodations or room for; seat: Our table only sits six people.
17. to baby-sit for.
18. sit in on, to be a spectator, observer, or visitor at.
19. sit on or upon,
a. to inquire into or deliberate over: A coroner's jury sat on the case.
b. to put off for a time; postpone.
c. to check; squelch: to sit on nasty rumors.
20. sit out,
a. to stay to the end of.
b. to stay, wait, or endure longer than: to sit out one's rivals.
c. to keep one's seat during (a dance, competition, etc.); fail to participate in.
21. sit up,
a. to rise from a supine to a sitting position.
b. to sit upright; hold oneself erect.
c. to be awake and active during one's usual sleep time: to sit up all night playing solitaire.
d. to become interested; take notice.
1. sit on one's hands,
a. to fail to applaud.
b. to fail to take appropriate action.
2. sit pretty, to be in a comfortable situation: He's been sitting pretty ever since he got that new job.
3. sit tight, to take no action; wait.
[before 900; Middle English sitten, Old English sittan, c. Old Frisian sitta, Old High German sizzan, Old Norse sitja; akin to Gothic sitan, Latin sedēre, Greek hézesthai]
usage: See set.
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