n.1.A siphon bottle. See under Siphon, n.
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Main features: tunnel modification work will require: - backfilling of existing plenums after evacuation of concrete slabs.- creations of a concrete slab sized for the intensive passage of the loader and to withstand the aggressiveness of the waste.- setting up 2 tunnel ventilation channels 18 meters long, connected on one side to the fan located in the technical gallery and on the other side of the fermentation hall to a siphoid look that allows both to evacuate condensate and leachates and ensure airtightness of the ventilation network (insufflation) .- replacement of existing fans by new fans more suitable and economical.
Pingeon Street: Renewal of 65 ml of AEP pipe 60, replacement of 5 AEP connections, replacement of 5 boxes of EU siphoid connections, road rehabilitation.
Rue Victor-Hugo: Replacement of 7 siphoid EU plug boxes.
renewal of submerged parts of rotating bridges, riders of siphoid walls and a ferrule and installation of monitoring equipment.
Contract notice: supply of road cast irons and siphoid pits for the services of nantes mtropole reference number: 18ej022
The purpose of this supply contract is to supply cast iron and siphoid cuvettes for the services of nantes mtropole.
Contract notice: supply of road cast irons and siphoid cuvettes for nantes mtropole services
quantitative: - 25 976 linear meters of vertical columns, - 8 697 linear meters of horizontal parts, - 168 siphons, - 264 siphoid mouths.
the realization of an open-cast rainwater pond comprising a regulation structure, a siphoid partition and an outlet structure to be cast in place of + - 20 m 3 .
quantitative: - 31 399 linear meters of vertical columns, - 12 610 linear meters of horizontal parts, - 277 siphons, - 521 siphoid mouths.
gc works: - slotted gutters with siphoid eyes on about 1,200 m, - modification of the sewerage network and the catchment area and lift station, - construction of a technical room of approximately 100 m 2 .
- removal and evacuation of the closing valves of the sand filters supply (filters 1 to 10), - installation of siphoid valves on each filter inlet in place of existing valves.