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 (sĭ-kā′rōs), David Alfaro 1896?-1974.
Mexican mural painter whose works, including The March of Humanity (1968), depict political protest and revolution.


(Spanish siˈkɛjrɔs)
(Biography) David Alfaro (daˈβið alˈfaro). 1896–1974, Mexican painter, noted for his murals expressing a revolutionary message


(siˈkɛər oʊs)

David Alfaro, 1896–1974, Mexican painter.
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Noun1.Siqueiros - Mexican painter of murals depicting protest and revolution (1896-1974)Siqueiros - Mexican painter of murals depicting protest and revolution (1896-1974)
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El evento decisivo fue el ataque, a finales de junio de 1924, contra unos murales incompletos de Orozco y Siqueiros en la Escuela Nacional Preparatoria perpetrado por un grupo de estudiantes ligados con los conservadores artisticos y politicos en la Universidad Nacional y quiza con alguna participacion de la CROM.
National, international and local art collectors bid at a rapid pace on works by Latin American masters such as Reveron, Siqueiros, Tamayo, Segui, Matta, Cuevas, and Toledo.
The book measures 9x12" to showcase works--displayed full page--by Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros, as well as two artists who are not mentioned in the title: Gunther Gerzso and Luis Nishizawa.
Recently the microflora related to abalone fishing sites just outside the lagoon system has been undertaken (Siqueiros Beltrones 2000), but for the lagoon itself only indirect observations of tychoplanktonic diatoms have been made (Garate Lizarraga and Siqueiros Beltrones 1998) albeit lacking taxonomic precision.
In this revised edition, the author introduces some of Latin America's leading contemporary artists along with other prominent figures such as Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera, David Siqueiros, Jose Orozco, Rufino Tamayo, and Wilfredo Lam.
The voice of Mexican muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros is once again ringing through the rooms and corridors of a house he donated to the Mexican public shortly before his death 30 years ago.
In 1934, Guston and Ruben Kadish attended mural workshops in Los Angeles taught by David Siqueiros, who, in 1935, invited them to Morelia, Mexico, to paint a mural at the very radical state university.
Con esa idea Vasconcelos reunio a artistas como Diego Rivera, David ALfaro Siqueiros y Jose Clemente Orozco, asi como a jovenes prometedores, entre ellos Revueltas.
Clearly, there is a new generation of artists in Chiapas who are continuing the legacy of Mexican mural painting revolutionized by Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozeo, and David Alfaro Siqueiros.
Three famous painters of murals are Diego Rivera, David Alfaro Siqueiros and Jose Clemente Orozco, all from Mexico.
Panteon Civil de Dolores, the country's most prestigious final resting place, bears the graves of three former presidents, countless heroes of the Mexican Revolution (1910-1917), a cadre of famous writers and scientists and muralist David Alfaro Siqueiros.
Murals created by Diego Rivera, Jose Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros embody a time of change in Mexico.