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Noun1.Sir Anthony Hopkins - Welsh film actor (born in 1937)
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THERE was a very special visitor in Port Talbot yesterday, as home-town hero and Hollywood megastar Sir Anthony Hopkins met some of his adoring fans while revisited some of his old haunts.
I have been disgusted, busted and not to be trusted while drinking Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins I shall run the country as it has never before been run Former cricket star Imran Khan who declared victory in Pakistan's parliamentary election I can't go to sleep on a train anymore because people take photos of me.
SIR Anthony Hopkins opened up on his battle with alcoholism and said he was"very difficult to work with" because he was usually hung over.
A far safer option for hardcore Shakespeare fans, however, is to take a classic like King Lear, put it on the BBC, get an old hand like Richard Eyre to direct and have Sir Anthony Hopkins play the lead.
THIS is the passer-by who mistook Sir Anthony Hopkins for a homeless man as he filmed a TV version of King Lear.
Freya, a pitbull and Staffy cross from Cheadle Hulme, featured in the 2017 box office smash - belonging to character Sir Edmund Burton, played by Sir Anthony Hopkins.
It beats working for a living" Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins "Being a redhead made me an outsider.
Sir Anthony Hopkins caused huge excitement when he decided to drop in to say hello to the current crop of aspiring actors at the landmark Cardiff institution - 61 years to the day he began his own training there in October 1955.
Nathan managed to get a photo with one of his favourite actors, as Sir Anthony Hopkins drove to work this morning.
SIR Anthony Hopkins' new movie 360 has been savaged by critics, with the veteran Welsh star receiving some of the only praise.
OSCAR winning movie icon Sir Anthony Hopkins kept mum when he arrived in Birmingham last night.