Sir Francis Bacon

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Noun1.Sir Francis Bacon - English statesman and philosopherSir Francis Bacon - English statesman and philosopher; precursor of British empiricism; advocated inductive reasoning (1561-1626)
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First he was made Sir Francis Bacon, then from one honor to another he rose until he became at last Lord High Chancellor of England, the highest judge in the land.
They include explorer and politician Sir Walter Raleigh, the fifth Earl of Rutland Roger Manners, 17th Earl of Oxford Edward de Vere, sixth Earl of Derby William Stanley and Sir Francis Bacon.
The first folio returns to London before April's out but the exhibition runs until August 31 and there are other gems to see, including The Great Cryptogram by Ignatius Donnelly who tied himself in knots to 'prove' that Shakespeare's plays were written by Sir Francis Bacon.
If Sir Francis Bacon had lived in the 2010s, he would have found that real-time data is power.
Sir Francis Bacon, Lord Chancellor of England from 1618-21 said he was ''a good lawmaker for the ease and solace of the common people'.
The rivalry between Coke and his nemesis, Sir Francis Bacon, was likewise instructive.
Had Sir Francis Bacon won the argument, then for the last 200 years folk may have packed their suitcases for St Albans.
SIR FRANCIS BACON: Jacobean essayist Sir Francis Bacon was the favourite of conspiracy theorists in the 19th century, largely due to symmetries of wording and meaning between Bacon's own works and those attributed to Shakespeare CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE: The so-called Marlovian theory goes that Marlowe, a prolific writer in his own right, faked his own death to avoid charges of subversive atheism, and used Shakespeare's name as a front to continue writing.
After all in the words of Sir Francis Bacon "knowledge is power".
His mouse-terpieces are oddly charming, especially the scene involving The Earl Of Sandwich and Sir Francis Bacon.