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Noun1.Sir Isaac Pitman - English educator who invented a system of phonetic shorthand (1813-1897)
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Pitman's restaurant, thought to be named after Sir Isaac Pitman, then vicepresident of the Vegetarian Society, was expanded into a hotel by 1898 and was still open in the 1930s when Gandhi visited the city.
A BUSINESS skills and training group whose founder traces his history back to shorthand inventor Sir Isaac Pitman has been bought by management for pounds 56m.
This later evolved in the 1840s to another shorthand course given by Sir Isaac Pitman in England in which he mailed students texts in shorthand, and students had to mail him back the transcriptions they made for correction.
A Coventry training company which was founded by shorthand inventor Sir Isaac Pitman has been bought out by its management team in a pounds 56 million private equity-backed deal.
What form of rapid writing is associated with Sir Isaac Pitman? A Hieroglyphics B Joined up writing C Shorthand D Pitman script 6.
A system of what sort of writing was devised by Sir Isaac Pitman? 3.
In the words of Sir Isaac Pitman, 'Well-arranged time is the surest mark of a well-arranged mind.' And as for DCG, I truly thank him for gifting me the book of Sharma about personal effectiveness and individual happiness!
Spring (formerly CRT) has retained a 19.9 per cent slice of the new company, which was founded in 1837 by Sir Isaac Pitman, who helped develop the shorthand system.
PITMAN Training has been providing secretarial training for over 130 years, ever since the founding of the first Pitman Secretarial School by Sir Isaac Pitman in 1870.
Anniversaries: 1809: Birth of Frenchman Louis Braille, deviser of an alphabet for the blind; 1813: Birth of Sir Isaac Pitman, inventor of Pitman's Shorthand; 1878: Birth of painter Augustus John; 1884: The Fabian Society founded; 1885: The first appendicitis operation was performed; 1944: The British Fifth Army in Italy attacked Monte Cassino; 1958: Death of composer Vaughan Williams; 1960: French philosopher and novelist Albert Camus killed in a car crash and Donald Campbell died when Bluebird broke up attempting world water speed record on Coniston Water; 1965: Death of American poet T S Eliot; 1972: Rose Heilbron became the first woman to sit as a judge at the Old Bailey in London.
Nigel said: "Pitman is a name that is known across the world for its wide range of high quality training courses, flexible delivery, friendly approach, knowledgeable support and the innovative thinking that started with Sir Isaac Pitman in 1837 remains today.
ANSWERS: 1 Egyptian; 2 Seventy minutes; 3 Iceland and the United Kingdom; 4 A wide range of intellectual interests; 5 Winnie-the-Pooh; 6 Lord's cricket ground; 7 Cambodia and Laos; 8 Sir Isaac Pitman; 9 Joan of Arc; 10 Gigglebiz.