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Noun1.Sir Joshua Reynolds - English portrait painter and first president of the Royal Academy (1723-1792)Sir Joshua Reynolds - English portrait painter and first president of the Royal Academy (1723-1792)
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At the tavern meetings of 'The Club' (commonly referred to as 'The Literary Club'), of which Burke, Sir Joshua Reynolds, Goldsmith, Gibbon, and others, were members, he reigned unquestioned conversational monarch.
Hilbery to be an early work of Sir Joshua Reynolds.
In the late 1760s he travelled Europe collecting Old Masters paintings and commissioning works by the likes of Sir Joshua Reynolds, founding president of the Royal Academy, as well as enabling dozens of architects, painters and musicians to produce some of their best work.
Rigaud, Sir William Chambers is distinguished from Joseph Wilton and Sir Joshua Reynolds by having his left hand resting on a pair of compasses on top of an architectural drawing while in his right hand is a right-angle square.
1723: Sir Joshua Reynolds, English portrait painter who was elected first President of the Royal Academy in 1768, was born.
Among the most valuable items in the collection are the Wedgwood family portraits painted by Josiah's friend and protege George Stubbs (1724-1806) and Sir Joshua Reynolds, (1723-1792) the founding president of the Royal Academy.
Two hundred years after Jane Austen attended an art exhibit at the British Institution in London on May 23, 1813, an e-gallery became accessible, recreating the first retrospective of the works of Sir Joshua Reynolds.
This collection of essays on artists as readers explores such topics as Jacop Pontormo as a scholarly craftsman, Lorenzo Lippi's literary culture, Coninxlo, Pieter Lastman, Sir Joshua Reynolds, artists and knowledge in sixteenthcentury Venice, oratory in Gian Paolo Lomazzo's world, the cultural approach taken with a treatment of artists' portraits, Le Brun as reader and painter, the collaborate partnership in seventeenth-century Italy, Poliziano and Pico della, Francisco de Hollanda, technical knowledge, Bach, and the book collection of Jeronimo Antonio Gil as an evangelist of taste.
The double portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds has been allocated to the Barber Institute of Fine Arts under the Government's AIL (Acceptance in Lieu of Inheritance Tax) scheme.
Peth arall doniol am y "brodyr" oedd eu gwrthwynebiad chwyrn, os nad atgasedd, tuag at Sir Joshua Reynolds, llywydd cyntaf yr Academi Brenhinol, gwer a fathwyd yn "Sir Sloshua" gan Rossetti a'i gyfeillion.
The painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds of Dr John Ash, founder of Birmingham's first hospital, is being sold by the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
And then there was the seemingly hapless man who purchased stolen portraits by Sir Joshua Reynolds and Thomas Gainsborough at a British flea market and ended up being arrested.