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Noun1.Sir Lancelot - (Arthurian legend) one of the knights of the Round TableSir Lancelot - (Arthurian legend) one of the knights of the Round Table; friend of King Arthur until (according to some versions of the legend) he became the lover of Arthur's wife Guinevere
Arthurian legend - the legend of King Arthur and his court at Camelot
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He won six Derbys with Gayline, Martry Scotch, Autumn Crystal, Sir Lancelot, Pyramid Club and Donovans Ranger while also landing the Oaks with Rossa Rose.
To save his king, Sir Lancelot, the most noble knight of the Round Table, agreed to marry the only person who could possibly give the right answer, an ugly, repulsive old hag whose precondition was marriage to Lancelot.
On March 11, 1940, Sir Lancelot Graham, the Governor of Sindh at the time, laid the foundation stone of this momentous institution which was constructed over the course of two years and inaugurated on March 4, 1943, by former governor Sir Hugh Dow.
He led heroes like Sir Lancelot, Percival and Galahad after taking up the mythical blade Excalibur.
King Arthur (Ian Rose) and his noble steed Patsy (Catherine Andres) lead our quest with an eclectic group of knights: Wise and flatulent Sir Bedevere (Justin Martinez), handsome Sir Galahad (Luke Aliga), brave Sir Lancelot (CJ D'Agostino), and the "not-quite-so-brave" Sir Robin (Ryan Cosillo).
With dragons and ghosts it's also believed to be the site of Sir Lancelot's fictitious castle, Joyous Garde.
Who in legend was King Arthur's wife and the lover of Sir Lancelot?
The Lady of the Lake is a bored lounge singer who complains at a lack of stage time, while Sir Lancelot is a stereotypical gay man who likes to get his freak on the dancefloor.
The tenement block, off Scotland Road, designed and built in the 1930s by architect Sir Lancelot Keay, was demolished in 1987
And will Sir Lancelot save the day and win his fair lady Olivia?
Among the tales are the sword in the stone, Merlin and Nimue, the war with Rome, Tristam, the Sangrail, Sir Gawain and Sir Bors, Sir Lancelot and Guenevere, and of course the death of King Arthur.
Aided by dashing Sir Lancelot (Dan Stevens) and hindered by local security guard Mindy (Rebel Wilson), Larry races against time to restore the tablet's lustre.