Sir Mortimer Wheeler

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Noun1.Sir Mortimer Wheeler - Scottish archaeologist (1890-1976)
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Officials said the two relics had been transported by British archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler to Delhi in 1946 to be put in an exhibition and had remained there since then.
Next Wednesday the subject is the large southern hill-fort at Maiden Castle in Dorset, excavated by the great Sir Mortimer Wheeler.
Archaeologist Sir Mortimer Wheeler realised the connection between ring and curse tablet, and in 1929 asked Tolkien, Professor of Anglo-Saxon at Oxford University, for help.
Sir Mortimer Wheeler, director of excavations at Lydney, realised the connection and asked Tolkien to work on the etymology of the name Nodens.
Among the non-musical events Abbotsholme has promoted are talks from Richard Hoggart (famous for his seminal sociological study The Uses of Literacy), radio gardener Prof Alan Gemmell, noted Brains Trust contributor Sir Mortimer Wheeler, head of Jodrell Bank radio telescope Sir Bernard Lovell, and the polymath theatre director Dr Jonathan Miller.
This led to him joining Sir Mortimer Wheeler in the excavation of bronze age sites in the Indus Valley and in 1950 he was appointed superintendent of the Department of Archaeology in Pakistan.
'We've got wonderful archaeological sites and Phil has been in charge of bringing them to the fore.': Who is in the club?:Members of the Society of Antiquaries of London included: Brigadier Sir Mortimer Wheeler - One of the best-known British archaeologists of the 20th century.
As Sir Mortimer Wheeler noted in 1954, `the archaeological excavator is not digging up things, he is digging up people'.