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Dr Robert Knight, of the School of Social Sciences, says he feels "greatly honoured" to have been awarded the Sir Peter Ustinov Guest Professorship at Vienna University for the summer semester 2019.
Sir Peter Ustinov and Albert Finney have both played the Belgium detective on the big screen in this thriller about the hunt for an on-board killer on the famous train.
Chancellor Sir Peter Ustinov, below left, during the Stockton High Street procession in 2000
Ustinov's DB4 could fetch PS1m A RARE Aston Martin car once owned by actor Sir Peter Ustinov is up for auction and could fetch as much as PS1m.
The ultra-rare left-hand drive 1962 Aston Martin DB4 Series IV Vantage Convertible originally owned by Sir Peter Ustinov, inset left <B
Sir Peter Ustinov Foundation in Frankfurt has teamed up with Playbox Theatre to create training and performance opportunities for 15-18-yearolds -without them having to struggle for funding.
"My own personal strong memory is when Sir Peter Ustinov did a fantastic onenight performance and afterwards, because we knew the company manager, I had the very good fortune of having Sir Peter's company in the downstairs bar.
His legend has proved ripe for adaptation and Poirot has been portrayed in comics, on radio and on screen for films and television, by actors such as Albert Finney, Sir Peter Ustinov, Sir Ian Holm, Alfred Molina and David Suchet who, of course, played the eponymin the ITV series since 1989the entire catalogue of storiHe recently bid audiencetional farewell as series 1classic series concluded wdemise in Christie's dramawell, Curtain.
"The comedy stream seemed like a natural extension, since we have always done the Sir Peter Ustinov Award (Chuck Loire is being honored this year) and comedy has always been a part of the (TV) business," Cohen says.
"As Sir Peter Ustinov said when he was appointed chancellor, 'It was obvious I was never going to come into the university other than through the ceiling'.
Sir Peter Ustinov was also a marvel: one question and he was off, rifting through his thoughts like a musician of the mind.
The volume was published with the support of the Sir Peter Ustinov Institute for Prejudice Research and Prevention.