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 (bē′chəm), Sir Thomas 1879-1961.
British conductor who founded the London Philharmonic (1932) and the Royal Philharmonic (1946) orchestras and helped popularize the works of Frederick Delius.


(Biography) Sir Thomas. 1879–1961, English conductor who did much to promote the works of Delius, Sibelius, and Richard Strauss


(ˈbi tʃəm)

Sir Thomas, 1879–1961, English conductor.
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1961: Sir Thomas Beecham, English conductor and founder of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, died.
1932: The London Philharmonic Orchestra gave its first concert in the now demolished Queen's Hall in London, with Sir Thomas Beecham conducting.
1879: Conductor Sir Thomas Beecham was born in St Helens.
Hearing it in rehearsal in 1931, conductor Sir Thomas Beecham suggested to Walton: "As you'll never hear it again, why not throw in a couple of brass bands?
FLAMBOYANT conductor Sir Thomas Beecham once said that, in life, you should try everything once except incest and Morris dancing.
Florence, a soprano, was admired by the leading musicians of her time such as Sir Henry Wood, Sir Thomas Beecham and Caruso.
A specialist in British music, artists and musical history, his many programmes included documentaries on Sir Thomas Beecham, Sir Malcom Sargent, Dame Maggie Teyte, Eric Fenby and E J Moeran.
The third generation of the family, who lived locally, was Sir Thomas Beecham (1879 - 1961), an internationally- renowned orchestra conductor.
Asi consiguio participar en el significativo Royal Festival Hall y dirigir la BBC Scottish Orquesta, remplazando a otras connotadas batutas como Otto Klemperer y Sir Thomas Beecham.
Jean is embarrassed by her fall from grace to a retirement home named after British conductor Sir Thomas Beecham.
Sir Thomas Beecham was one of the most flamboyant and popular British conductors of the 20th century, famous for his wealthy background (he was the heir to the Beecham Pills fortune), his wit and the women in his life.
And finally, in case my nostalgia seems limited, I also, with my first girlfriend Mavis, saw Sir Thomas Beecham at the Empire, Laurel and Hardy at the New Theatre on their final tour, Danny Kaye and Benjamin Gigli at Sophia Gardens Pavilion (not on the same bill) and still regale Cardiff City supporters with my first football match: Cardiff City 1, Moscow Dynamo 10.