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Noun1.Sirenidae - sirens
amphibian family - any family of amphibians
Caudata, order Caudata, order Urodella, Urodella - salamanders; newts; congo snakes
genus Siren - a genus of Sirenidae
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The genital kidney of the Rhyacotritonidae is characterized by a number of characteristics most similar to that of Sirenidae (i.
The collecting ducts communicate with the Wolffian ducts along the entire length of the pelvic kidneys in the Proteidae (Chase, 1923; Rosenquist and Baker, 1967) and Sirenidae (Willett, 1965).
2%) McAllister (1990) Salamandridae Notophthalmus Massachusetts 1/1 (100%) McAllister (1990) viridescens Sirenidae Siren sp.
Here we describe two relatively well-preserved Amphiuma vertebrae from the site, and illustrate and discuss vertebral characters and structures that clearly separate this taxon from those of the other North American aquatic eel-like salamanders of the family Sirenidae.
richmondi Netting & Mittleman, ravine SE salamander Pseudotriton ruber (Sonnini), northern red SC salamander Family Sirenidae (sirens) Siren intermedia LeConte, lesser siren W Order Anura (toads and frogs) Family Pelobatidae (spadefoot toads) Scaphiopus holbrookii (Harlan), eastern spadefoot S Family Bufonidae (toads) Bufo americanus Holbrook, American toad N,C,SE B.