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(səˈrɪk ə)

John J(oseph), 1904–92, U.S. jurist.
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Criminal indictments of Nixon henchmen began playing out in Judge John Sirica's courtroom in the spring of 1973.
Sirica, her predecessor as chief judge, to deal with the firing of special prosecutor Watergate Archibald Cox in October 1973.
Jillian Sirica has been promoted to manager of digital marketing.
Welcoming the Head of State delegation were the President and General Director of the Italian Space Agency (ASI), Roberto Battiston and Anna Sirica, together with the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Leonardo, Giovanni De Gennaro and Alessandro Profumo.
In Watergate, a lowly undistinguished district judge, John Sirica, ordered President Richard Nixon to turn over certain tape recordings and papers.
Sirica, "The role of cancer-associated myofibroblasts in intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma," Nature Reviews Gastroenterology and Hepatology, vol.
No curso dessa acao, o Juiz Federal John Sirica tomou conhecimento de que todas as conversas travadas no Salao Oval e nas outras salas de reuniao da Casa Branca, eram automaticamente gravadas.
Sirica read aloud a letter he'd received from James W.
These matters led to a Federal grand jury investigation into the break-in; an eventual total of nine former White House aides who were tried before Judge John Sirica in U.S.
And the dogged pursuit of the truth not just by Woodward and Bernstein, but by the likes of district court judge John Sirica, Sen.
(159) Dang Trong Khiem depicted Nixon pleading "that's enough," as Judge John Sirica, who presided over the Watergate hearings, pulls out Nixon's tongue.