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Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Commander of the Army's Infantry Division 28 stationed in Iran's Western province of Kurdistan General Siros Razmgir underlined his forces' high combat capability and might, and said that the Islamic Republic Army holds the needed power to respond to all types of enemy threats.
Among the ports are the Greek island of Tinos, known as the OLourdes of Greece,O where passengers will see the Panagia Evangelistria dating from 1820, the site of an annual pilgrimage celebrating the Dormition of the Virgin Mary; Siros, where visitors can explore two towns that rise around the port; Ano Syros, a 13th century Venetian settlement with narrow medieval streets; and Ermoupolis, which boasts restored, neo-classical buildings, 19th century mansions and palm-fringed platias.
La primera carta fechada es del 8/20 de septiembre de 1882, escrita en la isla de Siros, lugar de refugio de la familia Skilitsis.
Un ejemplo de un tratado de paz en la Biblia ocurrio entre Ben-Adad de los Siros y Achab, el rey de Israel.
para celebrar con flantas y danzas al conquistador, Judas, quien vencio a siros y samarios; en tal canal televisivo, anunciaba la muerte y el sepelio de fulano de tal .
Some will want the San Siros of this world but for me I want the easiest of the top seeds.
edu) is a professor of electrical engineering and applied physics at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, and chairman of Siros Technologies, Inc.
His Siros Farm is located about 120 km north of Nairobi, in the Kirinyaga area, virtually at the base of Mt.
According to the existing documents, Iran has yet to buy gasoline form Venezuela and there has just been an initial agreement between Iran and Venezuela in this regard," member of the Iranian parliament's Energy Commission Siros Saazdar told FNA, rejecting media reports that Tehran is importing fuel from the Latin state at a high price.