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n.1.A quicksand.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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Thus, the number of Turkish workers brought from Sirt reached 338.
My SIRTs are not quite identical to my GLOCKs but come close enough for valuable trigger time.
(24) tarafindan genisletilmis versiyonunun gecerlik ve guvenirlik calismasi yapilan GNKISA, boyun, omuz, sirt, dirsek, el/ el bilegi, bel, kalca/ uyluk, diz, ayak/ ayak bilegi olmak uzere dokuz semptom bolgesinde son bir hafta, bir ay ve bir yil icinde agrinin olup olmadigini; bununla birlikte agrinin ilk baslama yasini, agri nedeniyle hastaneye yatma, gorev yerini degistirme, ev/ is yasamini etkileme, hekime basvurma, ilac kullanma ve rapor alma durumlarini degerlendiren bir ankettir.
He has also stressed how imperative genomic medicine and Sirt 1 genes can be in maintaining insulin therapy, especially in the developing world with toxic immune reactions vital to NAFLD.
The company said Rapidsphere is an integrated image-guided dosimetry system for calculating the absorbed dose using post-treatment emission tomography imaging from Y90 SIRT. This new software module extends its Velocity software to interventional radiologists for use in targeted cancer therapy delivery to patients with liver malignancies.
We report a case of diffuse gastric ulceration due to radioactive yttrium seed migration to the stomach to alert clinicians to this exceptional cause of gastric injury and to the diagnostic difficulties of this underappreciated and potentially catastrophic complication of hepatic SIRT.
Additionally, all these scenarios were reconstructed using SIRT and TVM algorithms.
Excellent, prosperous, good, 'il-youm kheir, sirt 'is-suug w-haSalt killi li 'abah min 'is-simach, "Today was good, I went to the market and I found all the fish I needed."
Class III histone deacetylase (HDAC) is also known as sirtuins (SIRTs), and the mammalian SIRT family has seven members (SIRT1-SIRT7).
I've set one up at home to work on drills with both my carry gun and a SIRT laser pistol.
"The treatment is called Selective Internal Radio Therapy or SIRT.
Selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) with yttrium-90 (Y-90) resin microspheres is an alternative treatment for patients with primary or secondary liver malignancies not amenable to resection [5, 6].