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 (sûr′to͞o-ĭn, -tyo͞o-)
Any of a family of enzymes that occur in all living organisms and are thought to regulate cellular aging, apoptosis, and resistance to stress in more complex eukaryotic organisms.

[Alteration of Sir2, name of the first gene coding for the synthesis of such enzymes to be isolated (short for s(ilent mating-type) i(nformation) r(egulation) 2, so called because the gene silences the expression of genes relating to the two mating types of the yeast from which it was isolated ) + -in.]


a protein that regulates cell metabolism and ageing
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Oxidative stress, glutathione status, sirtuin and cellular stress response in type 2 diabetes.
Proteins known as sirtuins are necessary to achieve this life span extension, with sirtuin 1, or SIRT1, often regarded as the most important.
28 ( ANI ): A new study has found that activating a protein called sirtuin 1 extends lifespan, delays the onset of age-related metabolic diseases, and improves general health in mice.
A team of scientists at the National Institutes of Health in US conducted experiments on mice models and found that a protein called sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) played a major role in ageing process.
We used sirtinol, a specific and direct inhibitor of the sirtuin class of deacetylase activity, to inhibit Sirt1 in H1299 cells [30].
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Our study proves that metformin does indeed have a direct protective action on the vasculature." Experiments on cultivated mouse cells in the laboratory confirmed that metformin has a direct effect on the vascular function through interaction with a protein called sirtuin 1, which is encoded by the SIRT1 gene, known to play a role in ageing.
Detractors had claimed Sinclair's data were influenced by a fluorescent chemical--one that doesn't occur in nature--that he used to measure the activation of sirtuin proteins by resveratrol-like compounds.
Silent Mating Type Information Regulation 2 Homolog 1 (SIRT1) is the most studied member of the sirtuin family.
Within this group are Sirtuin proteins, of which seven isoforms (SIRT1-7) have so far been identified in humans.
Turn sirtuin on with a glass of wine, knotweed pie or a sirtuin drug (someday) every night.
They're looking over resveratrol and a series of sirtuin activators described by the Sirtris group in Nature.