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Walls should be painted in matt taupe with wooden floorboards - the simplicity of this Crucial Trading woven sisal rug brings a look of casual charm but can also happily take the wear and tear of relaxed family life.
The neutral textured (8) sisal rug was chosen because the room's floor vents necessitated a square rug, and "Few fibers other than sisal are available in irregular sizes," Susan explains.
They include the Canyon collection, which merges cut pile viscose with a flat suede leather area, and Shetland, which offers the look of a sisal rug in a wool construction.
Oak Baden solid wood flooring, pounds 39 per square metre; Kahrs two tone leather sofas, pounds 699 each, and matching footstool, pounds 249, all DFS; teal blue sisal rug, pounds 29.
On the floor of our bedroom is a 9-foot-by-12-foot sisal rug, and on top of that is a smaller kilim, thrown down at a jaunty angle and quite effective as a design statement.
And for sunrooms and other casual spaces, Mohawk had available a sisal rug, while Trade Am's seagrass and braided cornhusk rug was another option.
She has worked with women's development groups for 30 years and has assisted many communities to improve their situations by teaching them income-generating crafts, including bread making and ornamental sisal rug weaving.
Casually strewn rugs and mats also look great anywhere in the home, including John Lewis's Sisal Rug in natural, pounds 95, and their Multistripe Rug Ombre from pounds 75.
Rug: Change your cosy winter rug for a sisal rug, which will offer a cooler, cleaner look for spring and summer.
Oak Baden solid wood flooring, EUR46 per square metre; Kahrs two tone leather sofas, EUR816 each, and matching footstool, EUR291, all DFS; teal blue sisal rug, EUR35, Argos.
The room's sunny gold and white palette subtly references the beach, as do natural fiber window shades and the sisal rug.