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n.1.Cider. See Sicer.
Webster's Revised Unabridged Dictionary, published 1913 by G. & C. Merriam Co.
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This program is designed to give peace of mind that crafters are purchasing materials through a supplier that have been obtained directly from a Siser Authorized Distributor and that have been handled and stored properly.
On four occasions-September 1829; April 1830; August 21, 1830; and February 26, 1831--Caesar (variantly spelled, "Saesar," "Siser") opened the church's monthly conference.
Siser Susan Whitehouse, from the unit's bereavement team, said: "Nearly everyone given the option of the keepsake box jumps at the chance.
Sarkoplazma, hucre disi ortama gore hipertonik oldugu icin, hucre disi su hizla kas hucresi icine gecer; sonucta kas hucresi siser ve kas ici basinc artarak kompartman sendromu ortaya cikar.
It's almost a given that Knightley will receive her first Bafta for her performance, yet, ironically, Wright originally wanted her to play the 18-year-old incarnation of Cecilia's siser, Briony.
Mikitta's siser Julie, 33, told the Sunday Mirror: "Nikitta will be trying extra hard for her mum.
Josh, his dad Brendan, mum Pamela and siser Clara were given a Garda escort to and from the match after his story was highlighted in the Irish Daily Mirror.