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1. Of or relating to Sisyphus.
2. Endlessly laborious or futile: "The jumble of wet pans and platters ... made him weary; to dry them seemed a task as Sisyphean as to repair the things wrong with his parents' house" (Jonathan Franzen).

[From Latin Sisyphēius, from Greek Sisupheios, from Sisuphos, Sisyphus.]


1. (Classical Myth & Legend) relating to Sisyphus
2. actually or seemingly endless and futile


(ˌsɪs əˈfi ən)

suggesting or resembling the punishment of Sisyphus in futility or hopelessness: a Sisyphean task.
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Adj.1.Sisyphean - of or relating to Sisyphus
2.Sisyphean - both extremely effortful and futile
effortful - requiring great physical effort
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While far from being a 'rant,' 'Tropical Loop' seemed a meditation on the Sisyphean nature of art as an expression of our identity.
It was this Sisyphean quality of the burdens that had descended on his shoulders once he was elected to Parliament which gave him sleepless nights.
They carry on in their Sisyphean struggle, or more correctly their Diogenesian search, not for an honest man this time, but for a brave one.
It's tilted to roll back into their favor while the rest of us are saddled with a Sisyphean task.
And, let's face it, as Sisyphean tasks go, leaf blowing takes the award every time.
Ongoing and perhaps unending monitoring is needed, a challenge the researchers describe as Sisyphean.
For all of the allusions to high tech here, this Sisyphean choreography was the show's only performance.
Much of the book's humor is effective in great part thanks to Christina MacSweeney's translation, a Sisyphean task, considering the demands of Rabasa's world building and intricacy of the text.
This Sisyphean strategy to control a force of nature makes as much sense as trying to fight an earthquake or manage a hurricane.
Whoever takes the prize, uniting the nation - in particular when racial tensions are heightened and terrorist attacks are on the increase - will have an uphill struggle, if not a Sisyphean task.
The International Crisis Group (ICG), in a report titled "A Sisyphean Task?