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A city of southeast Alaska on the western coast of Baranof Island in the Alexander Archipelago. Founded by Aleksandr Baranov in 1799, it was the capital of Russian America and later the capital of Alaska from 1867 to 1906.
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(Placename) a town in SE Alaska, in the Alexander Archipelago on W Baranof Island: capital of Russian America (1804–67) and of Alaska (1867–1906). Pop: 8876 (2003 est)
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(ˈsɪt kə)

a town in SE Alaska, on an island in the Alexander Archipelago. 7803.
Sit′kan, n.
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Noun1.Sitka - a town in southeastern Alaska that was the capital of Russian America and served as the capital of Alaska from 1867 until 1906Sitka - a town in southeastern Alaska that was the capital of Russian America and served as the capital of Alaska from 1867 until 1906
AK, Alaska, Last Frontier - a state in northwestern North America; the 49th state admitted to the union; "Alaska is the largest state in the United States"
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Vendors include: Ferndell Farm, Burgin Farm, Katic Breads, Mighty Greens, Fox Flowers, Muffins with a Message, Sinfully Delicious, Van Laar Fruit Farm, Gindos Spice of Life, Sitkas Salmon and Just Devine.
I personally prefer summertime Sitkas. I'm writing this just two days before I go north to Kodiak Island for another late-August adventure.
In addition to the territorial conflict inherent in this scene, the Verbover assertion that Landsman's practice of shaving violates Jewish law and therefore deprives him of Jewish status (and even human status) elaborates on the cosmic-terrestrial confrontation between the two Sitkas. It is important to remember that the source of the cultural conflict is the Verbover devotion to their celestial map and the Sitka insistence upon imposing its terrestrial authority upon the Verbover landscape.
Budnick's was a stone's throw to Bull Hertz the butcher, Mayer's Bakery (owned and operated by Uncle Abe), Sitkas and Ragovin smelling of half sour pickles, pastrami, lox, and herring.
Sitkas are available only in a few counties on the eastern shore.
The most distinctive of the blacktail subspecies, Sitkas are unique in appearance and behavior, and should not be dismissed as "little mule deer." In fact, some mature bucks will field dress over 150 pounds.
Throw in thrilling, sometimes terrifying spot-and-stalk hunting for beautiful big-bodied, delicious Sitka bucks and the Kodiak experience is an affordable, unguided, DIY hunt all the way.
A stretch of five or six mild winters always means a bumper crop of big-racked Sitka bucks.
We were here to film an episode of "Petersen's HUNTING Adventure Television" featuring the Sitka blacktail deer and Marlin's new XL7 bolt-action rifle.
I AM DEVELOPING a somewhat confrontational attitude towards the Sitka blacktail deer of Kodiak Island in Alaska.
One of my most memorable Sitka blacktail deer hunts began the day before, after my partner Jim Clark and I waved goodbye to our bush pilot and started unpacking our camping gear.