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Noun1.Sitta - type genus of the SittidaeSitta - type genus of the Sittidae    
bird genus - a genus of birds
European nuthatch, Sitta europaea - a kind of nuthatch
red-breasted nuthatch, Sitta canadensis - bluish-grey nuthatch with reddish breast; of northern coniferous forests
Sitta carolinensis, white-breasted nuthatch - bluish-grey nuthatch with black head and white breast; of eastern North America
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The two-day conference has also recently welcomed new speaker Colonel Lubomir Sitta, Director of the Military Aviation Authority Czech Armed Forces, who will be briefing on "How the MAA Certifies and Keeps Rotary Aircraft Safe for the Czech Republic's Air Force," focusing on the role and responsibilities of the Czech MAA, how new rotary platforms are certified for the Czech Air Force, and keeping rotary platforms safe to operate.
Speakers included Salman Abu Sitta, Rabab Abdulhadi, Ilan Pappe, Rawan Al-Damen, Na'eem Jeenah and Ramzy Baroud.
Charles East (13-5-0) Sitta, Villa among key midfielders
During one of Masarat Center's conferences, I requested the participation of the national veteran character "Salman Abu Sitta", whereas the conference revolved around the national project, thus, he stated an interesting point of view, as he expressed his astonishment at the leadership, powers and many members of the Palestinian elite who are still searching for the nature of the national project though over 70 years have passed since the occurrence of 1948 Palestinian exodus "Nakba", as if the national project which is based on natural and historical rights can be changed or altered.
He had agreed with the Palestinian doctor who came to Ramallah from the Lebanese capital Beirut, Ghassan Abu Sitta, to perform an operation on his right eye, which he lost vision in after it was hit by a tear gas grenade fired by Israeli soldiers during clashes that broke out at the northern entrance of Ramallah on 9 December 2017.
Dowch i mi drio egluro mai'r "fo" dan sylw oedd delor y cnau (Sitta europea; Wood Nuthatch).
The meeting was attended by Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on International and Interparliamentary Relations Samad Seyidov, Azerbaijani MPs Sevinj Fataliyeva, Malik Hasanov, members of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Parliament of Germany, Barbara Hendricks, Armin-Paulus Hampel, Deputy Chairman of the Free Democratic Party faction Frank Sitta, Chairman of the faction on Foreign Policy for Eastern Europe Manuel Sarrazin, Chairman of the faction on Development Policy Helin Sommer and other officials.
* lataif-e sitta (in Persian/Urdu) or al-latta 'if as-sitta (in Arabic), the "six subtleties" or subtle centers, is the sensory/supersensory perception characterized by different levels:
They gathered the tiny pieces and cataloged them into Almahata Sitta, a collection of rare meteorites that often carry nano-sized diamonds.
The team of researchers from France, Germany, and Switzerland examined the diamond particles, extracted from the Almahata Sitta meteorite and concluded that they were most like formed by a proto-planet, around 4.55 billion years ago.
"Following the selection of Bahrain as the main centre for the Middle East and North Africa, the office was officially opened under the patronage of Princess Sitta bint Miteeb bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and Electricity and Water Affairs Minister Dr Abdulhussain Mirza.