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(æˈsjuːt) or


(Placename) an ancient city in central Egypt, on the Nile. Pop: 417 000 (2005 est). Ancient Greek name: Lycopolis



a city in central Egypt, on the Nile. 291,300.
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While I was at the SIUT, it was announced that 3,000 kidney transplants had already been done at that hospital and all of them completely free of cost to the patients, including all the medicines required by them for years on end.
Our research team consisted of two physicians from SIUT and a clinical psychologist from another university in Karachi, and the research proposal was approved by the Ethics Review Committee of SIUT.
The doctors were trained at SIUT to investigate and treat patients of renal failure.
1-11) establishes that there is no consensus regarding the means by which these texts were transmitted from Siut to Thebes.
SIUT practicing a homegrown philosophy of tertiary medical care in the country is providing easy access to medical care in specialized fields without any discrimination of cast, color, creed or religious belief and that too free of cost.
Director of SIUT, Prof Adib Rizvi in his welcome address traced the history of institute that began its journey from a modest ward of Civil Hospital, Karachi.
Ishrat Hussain and Mehtab A Rashdi said SIUT is a unique example of what can be done by citizens for the glory of their state.
Prominent topics chosen for the occasion include crusade against organ trade; model of free care in developing countries and SIUT as model institutions for many under developed countries.
The power utility provides free and subsidized electricity to other non-profit institutions such as SIUT, Kidney Centre, Leprosy Centre, Lady Duffrin Hospital, TCF, LRBT amongst others.
They are the people who perhaps can not even think of visiting any private facility and SIUT being a government hospital is easily accessible to them," said the senior surgeon.
In the year 2005 SIUT took the initiative of launching the academic programme for producing "Physician Assistant" with a philosophy to accommodate and academically rehabilitate those bright and aspiring students who had missed to secure berth in the medical colleges narrowly.
SIUT has chalked out an elaborate program to mark the day at its premises which include screening and testing, guidance about diet, hazards of smoking and above all as how to adopt good healthy life.