Skadar Lake

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 (skä′där′), Lake
See Lake Scutari.
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Skadar Lake National Park, home of the largest Lake in Southern Europe, is a short drive outside of the city, while the popular coastal city of Tivat can be reached with a 90-minute drive.
In Montenegro, a small firefighting plane crashed into Skadar Lake while landing on its surface to pick up water.
Riding along disused train tracks and through a 600m railway tunnel to Skadar Lake National Park, the largest lake in the Balkan peninsula
The projects concentrate on inclusive tourism management in the border zone, support for sustainable environmental development, social cohesion improvement, economic development with a focus on tourism, strengthening women's entrepreneurship, environmental preservation of the Cijevna river, and cultural and touristic offer of Shkoder and Podgorica with special emphasis on the Skadar Lake.
As for the north, the National Parks for the first seven months recorded 22% more visitors than in the previous year, which leads the Skadar Lake with 42% more tourists.
Svety Stefan (main picture), Vranjina village on the shore of Skadar lake (left) and the walled town of Kotor (right)
Activity-spurred travellers can explore Montenegro's unspoilt nature and national parks such as Skadar Lake, perfect for an excursion around lake or a spot of bird-watching.