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also Skag·er·ak  (skăg′ə-răk′, skä′gə-räk′)
A broad strait between southeast Norway and northwest Denmark linking the North Sea and the Kattegat.


(Placename) an arm of the North Sea between Denmark and Norway, merging with the Kattegat in the southeast


(ˈskæg əˌræk, ˈskɑ gəˌrɑk)

an arm of the North Sea, between Denmark and Norway.
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Noun1.Skagerrak - a broad strait of the North Sea between Jutland and NorwaySkagerrak - a broad strait of the North Sea between Jutland and Norway
North Sea - an arm of the North Atlantic between the British Isles and Scandinavia; oil was discovered under the North Sea in 1970
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As an example, the enormous Nexans Skagerrak advanced cable laying vessel carried out a huge cable spooling operation, offloading 1,500m of 256mm thick submarine cable, weighing an incredible 184.
It will also design, manufacture and install mass impregnated non-draining (MIND) HVDC cables at depths of 450m using cable-laying vessel, C/S Nexans Skagerrak.
It is a municipality in Vestfold county and lies on the western coast of the Oslofjord, near its mouth with the Skagerrak.
A The Skagerrak B The Gulf of Bothnia C The Kattegat D The Gulf of Riga QUESTION 13 - for 13 points: Which opera features the aria Nessun Dorma?
During both World Wars, the Skagerrak and Oresund Straits--both of which border Swedish waters and serve as a gateway to the Baltic Sea--were highly contested.
Putin's Baltic fleet would meet the same obstacle in the Skagerrak, the strait between Denmark and Norway.
The ship has been long term chartered by Skangass and shall serve the Skagerrak Kattegat and Baltic Sea areas from the beginning of 2017.
For example, scientific surveys suggest that stocks of sole in the Celtic Sea, Western Channel, Skagerrak (between Norway and Sweden) and Kattegat (between Denmark and Sweden) are healthy, but that those in the North Sea, Irish Sea, and Bay of Biscay are not.
and In those days, when Great Britain stood largely alone against the might of the Axis, there were grave fears of invasion, and the submarine was sent to the entrance of the Skagerrak, between Denmark and Norway, in June 1940.
It was tough especially when we passed the Skagerrak Straight .
Secondary targets are the Cretaceous Shetland Group chalk and the Triassic Skagerrak Formation.