Skagit River

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Skag·it River

A river, about 240 km (150 mi) long, of southwest British Columbia, Canada, and northwest Washington flowing into Skagit Bay, an inlet of Puget Sound.
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Some are the key players taken under coverage for this study are Organic Prairie, Hoch Orchard & Gardens, Becker Lane Organic, Seven Sons Farms, Dalehead Foods, Longbush Free Range, Skagit River Ranch, Strauss Brands, Good Earth Farms & Sunshine Coast Organic Meats.
Cascadian Farm is also growing a half-acre test plot of Kernza on its home farm in the Skagit River Valley of the Cascade Mountains in Washington.
Besides a variety of seafood and shellfish, Vital Choice also sells organic, grass-fed beef from the Skagit River Ranch, heritage chickens, fish oil supplements and organic berries, trail mix and dark chocolate bars.
Lyman Award for "Restoring a Collapsed Span over the Skagit River" (January-February), which details the cost effectiveness and schedule advantages of prestressed concrete girders to replace a damaged major arterial bridge in northern California.
WSDOT was updating its information on bridge clearances when an oversize commercial truck struck the Skagit River Bridge on 1-5 in northwestern Washington State in 2013, damaging the upper bridge supports and causing the structure to collapse.
Marys, Ohio, the engine was once used to run a water pump on the Skagit River that supplied water to the city.
The Skagit River to the south descends from the mountains more gradually into a more expansive valley.
For those unfamiliar with these engineering terms, a bridge is considered fracture critical when it lacks redundant protections (an example is the Interstate 5 bridge that collapsed into Washington's Skagit River in May) and is at risk of collapse if a single, critical component fails.
AN Interstate 5 bridge collapsed into the Skagit River, dumping two vehicles and a trailer in the waters north of Mount Vernon.
Last week's collapse of the Interstate 5 bridge over the Skagit River north of Seattle is a case in point.
On Thursday, a truck hit a bridge and triggered the partial collapse of the structure in Washington state, sending two cars plunging into the frigid Skagit River and raising concerns about the country's aging infrastructure.