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Noun1.Skanda - Hindu god of war
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Ferrier "focuses on the special relationship between the god Skanda and the Gupta dynasty and is based on the study of the catalogues of the four main numismatic collections" in India and in London (p.
Building work began this week on a PS2m inpatient hospice at the multi-faith Skanda Vale monastery near Llanpumsaint.
Embar Kannan played the mridangam and Skanda Subramanyam the violin.
Saivism in the diaspora; contemporary forms of Skanda worship.
The legal costs to beat the protests of the Skanda Vale temple were pounds 190,000 - and over pounds 10,000 was spent on police and health fees.
A young water buffalo at the Skanda Vale community in Carmarthenshire was also taken away for slaughter from the sanctuary where bullock Shambo was found to have the disease and culled last month.
Monks at the Skanda Vale community in Llanpumsaint, west Wales, fought bitterly to prevent the slaughter of Shambo after he tested positive for bTB.
The Skanda Vale community, in Carmarthenshire, west Wales, has been given formal notice that animal health officials intend to remove a young water buffalo and an old bullock tomorrow morning.
Wales' rural affairs minister Elin Jones last night stood accused of putting the national cattle herd at risk by not slaughtering two TB infected animals at the Skanda Vale temple.
Shambo was one of a herd of cattle kept by monks of the Skanda Vale Hindu monastery in Wales.
If religion has any real purpose in the world then surely the Skanda Vale monks can at least be commended for their authentic respect for life.
So why did the Welsh Assembly, the Welsh FU and the police behave in such an overbearingly hostile manner towards the monks at the Skanda Vale religious community in Wales?