Skaneateles Lake

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Skan·e·at·e·les Lake

 (skăn′ē-ăt′ləs, skĭn′-)
A lake of central New York. It is one of the Finger Lakes.
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The hybrids are stocked exclusively in Skaneateles Lake, producing a high- quality fishery.
Skaneateles Lake (24.3 km long, 2.3 km at widest point, 84 m maximum depth) is one of the Finger Lakes of central New York.
The Skaneateles Lake Watershed Composting Toilet Project highlights the material and sociocultural challenges of developing new kinds of embodied practices that effectively utilize alternatives to traditional water-dependent plumbing.
Brunch cruises plied pristine Skaneateles Lake; wealthy townsmen played polo on Sunday afternoons.
My grandfather owned a farm in the Finger Lakes region of upstate New York, and instead of spending the summer in the City, I would take the train to the farm overlooking Skaneateles Lake. When the big black locomotive belching steam and smoke dropped me off at the train station, Grandpa was waiting in the 1928 Chevrolet roadster he'd converted into a pickup truck for work on the farm.
Each chapter also has sections on float trip (tube or canoe) opportunities and unusual fly-fishing opportunities; like the mid-June Brown Drake hatch on Skaneateles Lake.
Nestled in the hills of the Finger Lakes Region of Central New York, at the south end of Skaneateles Lake, lies a 3,280-acre jewel known as Bear Swamp State Forest.
Skaneateles Creek carries the outflow from Skaneateles lake in Onondaga County to the Seneca River.
This new cell site, located south of Skaneateles between the southern tips of Owasco and Skaneateles Lakes in Cayuga county, will reportedly enhance coverage for area residents, tourists and businesses in the greater Moravia area as well as along Routes 38A, 41 and 41A.