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It's not like I don't care, I just have other shit going on that I can't watch every skate video on the planet.
The Converse's CONS Project: Boston workshop on "Filming Skate Videos'' featured instruction in filming and editing skate video using smartphones.
GREAT MATES: Dean "Bod" Broderick and Steven "Bingo" Binks, left, at a skate video premiere and a previous skater tribute to Bingo, above.
His skateboarding empire, which now includes skate gear, skate wear, skate movies, skate video games, Hot Wheels cars and frozen bagel snacks, generates an estimated $250 million a year.
It's one part tinkly California nostalgia, eight parts rip-roaring skate video shot MTV-style, and one part introspective and hilarious narrative - a combination that, despite the filmmakers' initial trepidation, has Peralta and fellow Z Boy, pro-skater Tony Alva, doing more press interviews than they ever thought possible.
Even if you're not familiar with Built to Spill, you've probably heard them in a skate video.
Electronic Arts (NASDAQ:ERTS) announced that its award-winning SKATE video game will ship to retail stores on September 12 in the U.
Shorty's Fulfill the Dream was my favorite skate video and Chad Muska specifically was very relatable to me as a very urban-influenced white person.
Almost Round 3 - TotalVid's best selling skate video of all time showcases legends Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song,
Tony's breakaway part in Transworld Media's skate video "In Bloom" gave many skateboarding fans their first chance to witness Trujillo's ability to dominate a variety of terrain.
Consumers who pre-register online will receive a free Hawk T-shirt and skate video as a gift with their Hawk footwear purchase.
So why is Tony Hawk putting out a full-length skate video in the age of Instagram heroes?