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n.1.A shallow wooden vessel for holding milk or cream.
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The flier passed on above her to disappear beyond a grove of lofty skeel trees that grew within the palace grounds.
Within the dense shadows of the skeel grove, in a wide avenue beneath o'erspreading foliage, a flier hung a dozen feet above the ground.
The instruments were of skeel, the string of gut, and were shaped to fit the left forearm of the dancer, to which it was strapped.
The handsome men; the barbaric splendour of the accoutrements; the polished skeel wood of the deck; the gloriously grained sorapus of the cabins, inlaid with priceless jewels and precious metals in intricate and beautiful design; the burnished gold of hand rails; the shining metal of the guns.
148) Although Professor Skeel developed this framework to make the case for a state-level insolvency regime, his framework is useful in considering whether bankruptcy makes sense for other entities because it is essentially a description of the central benefits of reorganization through bankruptcy.
The issue of how a proposed Chapter 14 would address the funding of a SIFI is tackled by University of Pennsylvania law professor David Skeel, who writes regularly on bankruptcy in the editorial pages of the Wall Street Journal.
Isabella nacio en el Hospital Universitario de Copenhague, y fue bautizada el 1 de julio de 2007y apadrinada por Matilde de Belgica, Alexia de Grecia, Nadine Johnston, Christian Buchwald, Peter Heering y Marie Louise Skeel.
Sin embargo, como senalan Bolton y Skeel (2004), ignora la asignacion de prioridades en los pagos de las diferentes deudas.
There are Skeels there, for example," said Mr Bradshaw, who, with a local storytelling history group tells the tale of a Napoleonic-era soldier called Thomas Skeel, who lived in Laugharne.
Originally called Loud Reames Aviation Field, the facility was later named Camp Skeel to commemorate a Selfridge Field pilot, Burt Skeel, who had died in an air race.
He said overall the Championship is carrying five different events that include 10MM Air Gun for the children competition, 15MM Air Piston for Women, 9MM 2 T Pistol for both women and children age between 19yearold, Skeel Amateur and Skeet Professional events.
It's quite possible this trial could be a larger event than the real bankruptcy," Skeel told The Times.