Skeena River

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Skee·na River

A river rising in western British Columbia, Canada, and flowing about 580 km (360 mi) generally south and west to the Pacific Ocean near Prince Rupert.
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He left the mouth of the Skeena River near Prince Rupert on May 8th, travelled by canoe and then pack train across B.C., through the Pine Pass, and then onward to Dunvegan.
First Nations, fishermen, and environmental groups have expressed concern that the terminal on Lelu Island would threaten juvenile salmon habitat in the Skeena River estuary.
he City of Terrace can be found on the banks of the Skeena River, sheltered between the coast and the Hazelton Mountains.
Steelhead--Outside the Skeena River system, the Olympic Peninsula has the biggest steelhead in the most beautiful surroundings on earth, and the fishing is great all winter long.
It asserts that a 150 km route down the Skeena River from Terrace would be 65 km longer and entail a 20 km tunnel and a river crossing, and that the route is susceptible to flooding from the Skeena freshet and prone to landslides and seismic activity.
Of particular interest in the later footage is a native brass band featured as part of a reception at the village Kitwanga along the Skeena River (1933), filmed text of a message from King George V to the Inuit in Inuktituk syllabics (1934) and scenes of a rent paying ceremony involving King George VI and Queen Elizabeth at the Upper Fort Garry Gate Park, Winnipeg, in 1939.
For example, photographs convey the difference between "hilly water" (38) and "swelling water" (39) on the Skeena River. A map indicates the relation of berry patches to the location of village sites where the Gitksan and Witsuwit'en territories intersect.
As a founding member of the Group of Seven, he painted Canada from Halifax Harbour to the Skeena River, from the arid hills of southern Alberta to the Barren Lands, in a career that spanned seven decades.
In August 2009, a young chef named All Howard, concerned about the dangers facing the Skeena River in northwestern British Columbia, Canada, swam the river's entire 380-mile length.
Jackson sketched and painted for the rest of his life in every part of the country and Larsen follows him relentlessly from the cosy, snow-covered villages of Quebec to Great Bear Lake, Pincher Creek and the Skeena River Valley.
A screening of "Where Hope Resides," a new film about salmon and steelhead conservation issues in British Columbia's Skeena River system, will be offered at 6:30 p.m.
Dawn's main protagonists are the Gitxsan from the Upper Skeena River Valley of British Columbia, and the Stoney from the foothills of Banff's Rocky Mountains.