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adj. skee·vi·er, skee·vi·est Slang
Offensively disgusting or repulsive; sleazy: "ward off skeevy potential stalkers" (Rachel Kramer Bussel).

[Perhaps from Sicilian schifiu, disgust, or a kindred form in a regional language of southern Italy (influenced by English -y), or from Italian schifo, disgust + -y (schifiu and schifo both ultimately from Old French eschif, ill-tempered, fierce, disliking human contact (of wild animals), of Germanic origin; akin to Old English scēoh, shy).]
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Or that the adults in his skeevy orbit cared more about whether his "patients" won medals than whether the doctor was assaulting them.
Eugene is so sophisticated that it's the only city in the world I know of that's willing to trade open space (park land) for a skeevy real estate development," he wrote.
The relationship between Coretta (seventeen years old) and Karl (forty-something), while innocuous, still seems skeevy.
From that rather basic premise, the ill-conceived bash builds comic momentum via its haphazard invitees, mostly consisting of Maura and Kate's old high-school classmates--among them John Leguizamo's skeevy alcoholic, Bobby Moynihan's desperately clowning perma-nerd and (by force rather than invitation) Maya Rudolph's hilariously snotty ice queen.