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n.1.A skeleton. See Scelet.
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Konstrukcne je objekt reen jako elezobetonov monolitick skelet, obvodov plt a strecha zatepleny, okna 3-sklo, reen jako nzkoenergetick, (vetrn, klimatizace, VZT + rekuperace, tepeln cerpadla).
In the mesohyl, there are many types of ameboid cells, some of which have been implicated in the secretion of skelet al elements, including collencytes, lophocytes, and spongocytes; however, in C.
metalloproteinase-3 gene polymorphism skelet Disord
Effect of protein/essential amino acids and resistance training on skelet al muscle hypertrophy: A case for whey protein.
Trends in utilization: has extremity MR imaging replaced diagnostic arthroscopy Skelet Radiol.