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 (skĕl′tən), John 1460?-1529.
English poet and scholar noted for his satires, including Speke Parrot (1521).


(Biography) John. ?1460–1529, English poet celebrated for his short rhyming lines using the rhythms of colloquial speech
Skelˈtonic adj


(ˈskɛl tn)

John, c1460–1529, English poet.
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Athletic could have Craig Skelton, John Seaton and Adam Cheung back, along with Steve Thompson.
Poulter completed a hat-trick with Billy Millington (2), Lance Skelton, John Seaton, Greg Boughey and Peter Forster also on target.
He provides clear, comprehensive introductions to mysteries, moralities, interludes, liturgical drama, and early classically-influenced comedies and tragedies, and brief but solid overviews of the literary careers of Henry Medwall, John Skelton, John Heywood, John Bale, Sir David Lindsay, Lyly, Kyd, Marlowe, Greene, and Peele.