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 (skĕl′tən), John 1460?-1529.
English poet and scholar noted for his satires, including Speke Parrot (1521).


(Biography) John. ?1460–1529, English poet celebrated for his short rhyming lines using the rhythms of colloquial speech
Skelˈtonic adj


(ˈskɛl tn)

John, c1460–1529, English poet.
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Less obvious forms of archaism include the use of common measure, an outmoded and distinctively English meter, the Skeltonic, a rhyme pattern named for the early Tudor poet John Skelton and considered dated by the late Elizabethan period, and fading syntactic forms such as auxiliary "do.
A second chapter concentrates on demotic language and Skelton's use of the opaque and seemingly nonsensical, especially in his poems in the Skeltonic metre, and a third explores his inventive capacity for using odd personae and quasi-dramatic scenes involving colloquial language.
The appropriation of skeltonic verse by Protestant propagandists such as Luke Shepherd, and Edmund Spenser's use of Skelton's pastoral lament from Collyn Clout as a vehicle for interrogating his own poetic persona in The Shepheardes Calendar, each follows Skelton in locating meaning in the negotiation between the poet-writer and his receptive readers.
But the best part is the "Poetry 101" chapter--it teaches all about alliteration, onomatopoeia and skeltonic verse.