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1. A hasty or undetailed drawing or painting often made as a preliminary study.
2. A brief general account or presentation; an outline.
a. A brief, light, or informal literary composition, such as an essay or a short story.
b. Music A brief composition, especially for the piano.
c. A short, often satirical scene or play in a revue or variety show; a skit.
4. Informal An amusing person.
v. sketched, sketch·ing, sketch·es
To make a sketch of; outline.
To make a sketch.

[Dutch schets, from Italian schizzo, from schizzare, to splash, of imitative origin.]

sketch′er n.
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Noun1.sketcher - someone who draws sketches
draftsman, drawer - an artist skilled at drawing
2.sketcher - an implement for sketching
writing implement - an implement that is used to write
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She turned her head in the same passive way, as one might turn at the request of a sketcher or hairdresser, and he kissed the other side, his lips touching cheeks that were damp and smoothly chill as the skin of the mushrooms in the fields around.
After that fatal evening the young man took to rambling among the picturesque regions of the Sarthe, the banks of which are much frequented by sketchers who come to Alencon for points of view.
A GERMAN prisoner who was an excellent sketcher drew a lightning sketch on postcards of another man and myself.
The animals will be featured across three product lines: The Travel Buddy which comes with a plastic toggle allowing the toy to be hung in the car, on a pram or in the cot; the Carry Buddy, a dual purpose toy and blanket; as well as the Magnetic Sketcher for young ones to express themselves creatively.
The very beginning of the project was in 2009, when I was working on a research and a renovation project for a small fishermen's village in Alexandria," says Gohar, an architect, researcher and sketcher and the founder of the project.
Harris arrived in Britain from his native Australia in 1952 and established himself over 60 years as a popular figure with a repertoire of humorous and sentimental songs, television programs about distressed animals and shows that featured his skill as a rapid-fire sketcher and painter.
Using the Sinus Sketcher app, sinus sufferers are empowered to submit an original sketch to creatively communicate how sinus pain and pressure looks and feels to them.
During his amateur astronomy career he has been active in just about every field, from solar, through lunar, planetary, variable and double star observing, and at one time was an avid sketcher of lunar features.
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