Skew bridge

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a bridge built obliquely from bank to bank, as sometimes required in railway engineering.
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of CC road from Skew Bridge to Kapurthala road, Shastri Nagar, Basti peer daad puli to skew bridge and New Shastri nagar
The two-car collision took place at Skew Bridge in Tivoli at around 4pm.
Other locations where cable was stolen are: Brandon Lane, Brandon, Coventry, September 20; Stoney Road, Nuneaton, September 23; Muscott Lane, Muscott, Northamptonshire, October 27, October 28, January 25 and February 4; Harleston Road, Church Brampton, Northamptonshire, November 10 and November 13; Sunny View Farm, Long Lawford, Rugby, November 19; Bishton Lane, Wolseley, Stafford, November 26; Alvecote Lane, Alvecote, Tamworth, November 27; Stourbridge Junction, Stourbridge, December 17; Skew Bridge, Dodford, Northamptonshire, January 25.
It was a lovely day and I was driving a Panda car down Wentloog Road towards Skew Bridge which crossed the Paddington-Swansea main railway line.
The skew bridge - so called because it crosses the railway line at an angle - was the first of its kind and is part of the original infrastructure of the Liverpool- Manchester line designed by Stephenson.
Four anglers went into the final round of the Ben Jones Memorial League on the canal at Skew Bridge at Yelvertoft with a chance of taking top spot, with Gil Corns leading the way.
COVER picture: Petrie's painting of Stephenson's Rocket at Rainhill's Skew Bridge, 1830.
A49 Woofferton Skew Bridge - Lane restrictions and traffic management in place.
Some special structures also suffered atypical damage, such as excessive rotation of a skew bridge on pin-ended columns and the loss of seismic energy dissipators in a cable-stayed bridge, because of the failure of a wind shoe, a device to control bridge sway.