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The sport of riding a skimboard over shallow water on a beach and into oncoming waves. The board is usually tossed ahead and jumped on after a running approach.
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Chua's local beach resort project features swimming pools - infinity pools for the adults and kiddie pool, live bands, bars and restaurants, inflatable island playground, skate park, skim board, surfing and aqua sports.
Kids Fun Zone at Heron Harbor will appeal to older kids and preteens with a skim board and skate board workshop along with Captain Davies Pirate Village complete with a live mermaid for photos.
Logan had made a list: skim board, kite surf, parasail.
McGee's entry depicted skim board riders from Melaque, Mexico, showing movement, light and form.
(There are also three paddle boards and four skim boards available.)
There's numerous beach-inspired shops selling skim boards, swim suits and hermit crabs.
In 1966, I skim boarded - sliding along the thin backwash of waves aboard a 30-inch plywood poker chip - seven miles from Yachats to Waldport, a world record, I believe.