Skim coat

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the final or finishing coat of plaster.

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Removing the paper and going to a plaster skim coat pretty much makes mold go away.
At the August Concrete Show South America in Sao Paulo, the company touted its new Vinnapas 5518 H, a dispersable hydrophobic powder used in fine skim coat plaster.
If the glue is too thick for a 3mm plaster skim coat then you will need to have a plaster carlite bonding coat applied as an undercoat.
A If I were you, I would clean the existing tiles, then PVA them and apply a skim coat of plaster over them at the top, where you want to achieve a smooth-painted surface.
Then I would apply a skim coat of plaster over the higher tiles where you want to have a smooth painted surface.
as a top layer and a skim coat of refrieds near the bottom.
Cracking or loss of the skim coat can be early indicators of a failure of the background plaster.
B: Rapid Set's Skim Coat from CTS Cement contains pre-consumer recycled material and is easy to use.
To restore the drywall, apply a coat of sealer such as Gardz, followed by a skim coat of drywall joint compound and another coat of Gardz.
8-11) and indicate that the probable mechanism of tire aging is [1] the natural rubber skim coat compound is oxidized by inflating the tire with air that contains about 21% oxygen and storing at elevated temperatures based upon fixed oxygen measurements (ref.
Plaster, especially a skim coat, is very sensitive to movement, more so than the blueboard under it.
All that's involved is a carlite bonding undercoat to fill the texture and then a skim coat over the undercoat.