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also Sky·ros or Scy·ros  (skī′rəs, skē′rôs)
An island of eastern Greece in the Aegean Sea northeast of Euboea. Occupied by Athenians in the fifth century bc, it is the largest of the Northern Sporades Islands.


(Placename) transliteration of the Modern Greek name for Skyros


or Sky•ros

(ˈskaɪ rɒs, -roʊs; Gk. ˈski rɔs)
a Greek island in the W Aegean: the largest island of the Northern Sporades. 81 sq. mi. (210 sq. km).
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The Greek jets took off from Tanagra, Andravidha and Skiros bases.
A CHILLES made a mistake: he should never have left the Greek island of Skiros where local legend has it he hid, dressed as a girl, until discovered by Odysseus.
BORN of the sea-nymph Thetis by the mortal King Peleus, and hidden as a girl on Skiros until Odysseus discovers him, Achilles becomes the Greeks' greatest warrior at Troy - but he goes on to take an arrow in the heel in battle, and dies.
I had flown in with some of the 50-or-so-strong Atsitsa party and had become friendly on the journey to Skiros.
They will visit Bilton Road, where Brooke's mother lived after his father died, the cross in the Rugby Borough cemetery off Lower Hillmorton Road which was brought from the island of Skiros where Brooke was buried, and his statue in Jubilee Gardens, Regent Place.
Volume 2 has climatic tables: those for Skiros (Skyros) are the most relevant to this study.
Set like four sparkling jewels off the eastern coast of mainland Greece, the Sporades consist of the islands of Skiathos, Skopelos, Alonissos and Skiros.
Turkish jets were also intercepted once on Tuesday in north of Chios island by Greek M-2000 jets that had taken off from Skiros air base, it said.
The Greek jets had taken off from Tanagra, Limnos and Skiros air bases, it said.