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Tablo 1: 1872-1907 Oncesinde Rumeli'de Tespit Edilmis Grevler Yil Yer ve Iskolu Isci Sayisi 1879 Selanik Muhasebe Burosu Calisanlari 1904 Kavala Tutun Iscileri 8000 1904 Selanik Tutun Rejisi Iscileri 1904 Selanik Kunduraci Iscileri 50 1904 Bitola Kunduraci Isciler 150 1904 Bitola Firin Iscileri 1905 Selanik Dokuma Iscileri 1905 Sketcha Dokuma Iscileri 1905 Voden Dokuma Iscileri 1906 Veles Kunduraci Iscileri 150 1906 Skopie Kunduraci Iscileri 70 1906 Skopie Kaftanci Isciler 40 1906 Veles Terzi Isciler 1906 Selanik Marangoz Iscileri 1906 Selanik Demir Iscileri 1906 Selanik Kunduraci Iscileri 1906 Selanik Cimento, Toprak ve Cam Allatini Seramik Fabrikasi Iscileri Kaynak: Guzel, 1999: 805
Europa del este Tipologia Export processing Export Processing zone, Free Ports Zone, Free Trade Zone Gestion Publico-Privada Privada (ambas por igual) Zona Masan, Corea del Skopie, Macedonia Especial Sur Economica o pais de estudio.
A petition has been launched on social media in Macedonia urging the government to name a street in the capital Skopie after the recently deceased former Bulgarian President Zhelyu Zhelev.
Although the fight against drugs continues, all those involved in Operation Skopie should be congratulated for their professionalism and dedication.
Tsar Konstantin Asen Tih (Constantine I Asen Tikh of Bulgaria), Tsar of Bulgaria in 1257-1277 AD, the son of a nobleman from Skopie, named Tihomir (Tih), rose to the Bulgarian throne thanks to his military qualities.
Five members of the gang were sentenced at Newcastle Crown Court yesterday following Operation Skopie - a probe into drug dealing and money laundering.