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1. Any of several large predatory seabirds of the genus Stercorarius, especially the great skua.
2. Chiefly British Any of several of the smaller seabirds of the genus Stercorarius.

[New Latin, alteration of Faroese *skūvur, from Old Norse skūfr, tassel, seagull.]


(Animals) any predatory gull-like bird of the family Stercorariidae, such as the great skua or bonxie (Stercorarius skua) or arctic skua (S. parasiticus) both of which harass terns or gulls into dropping or disgorging fish they have caught
[C17: from New Latin, from Faeroese skūgvur, from Old Norse skūfr]


(ˈskyu ə)

n., pl. sku•as.
1. any of several large, brown, gull-like predatory birds of the genus Catharacta, related to jaegers, esp. C. skua (great skua), of colder waters of both northern and southern seas.
2. Brit. jaeger (def. 1).
[1670–80; < Faeroese skū(g)vur; compare Old Norse skūfr tassel, tuft, also skua (in poetry)]
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Noun1.skua - gull-like jaeger of northern seasskua - gull-like jaeger of northern seas  
jaeger - rapacious seabird that pursues weaker birds to make them drop their prey
Catharacta skua, great skua - large brown skua of the northern Atlantic


[ˈskjuːə] Npágalo m


nSkua f, → Große Raubmöwe
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Offshore, large numbers of Kittiwakes and Manx Shearwaters passed coastal headlands, with a few Black Terns, Arctic Skuas and Great Skuas too.
"The Outer is another world entirely, though, and those who battle the weather and waves out to the Unesco-listed ghost island of St Kilda, where relics of its old community still stand, will get northwest Europe's largest seabird colony (and its divebombing skuas) entirely to themselves.
The first are great skuas, with 60% of the world's population breed here.
Look out for peregrine falcons, longtailed skuas and osprey, as well as grey seals.
Jean and John showed beautiful photographs of very diverse birds and animals, brushtail penguins, wandering albatrosses, skuas and petrels as well as the seals and whales.
Pomarine skuas come in two different colour formats and this one is the paler version.
This summer, nature lovers can experience the cruise on the Mersey which allows passengers the chance to see a range of wildlife up close, with previous sighting of long-tailed skuas, peregrine falcons, osprey and Atlantic grey seals.
Puffins duel skuas, sea lions team up to catch tuna, and gigantic seals create an astonishing wall of blubber.
But now, the birds must undergo dramatic aerial duels with skuas to deliver a meal to their pufflings.
The result - trade union leaders dive-bombing the policy with the coordinated aggression of Arctic skuas - was predictable.
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