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Noun1.Skuld - goddess of fate: a dwarf who personified the future
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Micawber, Morta Skuld, Bloodletter, Toxic Ruin: 9 p.m.
Among these are: a) In Bermuda-Steamship Mutual Management Ltd., and Gard P and I Ltd.; b) China-China Shipowners Mutual Assurance Association; c) Japan-Japan Shipowners P and I Association; d) Norway-Assuranceforeningen Gard, and Assuranceforeningen Skuld; e) Singapore-Standard Steamship Owners P and I Association; f) Sweden-Sveriges Angfartygs Assurans Forening; g) United States-American Steamship Owners P and I Association; and h) South Korea-Korea Shipowners' Mutual P and I Association.
* Skuld Syndicate 1897 (managed by Asta), placing 4.26 percent
The remaining recoverable oil reserves in the fields producing through the Norne FPSO (in addition to the Norne field, this is Alve, Urd, Skuld and Marulk) are currently estimated at approximately 40 million barrels.
Die debat oor De Kock se skuld al dan nie fokus op die feit dat hy as 'n gewone misdadiger vervolg is, al was die meeste van sy dade polities gemotiveerd binne 'n sisteem waarin bevrydingsbewegings gekriminaliseer is (234).
There has never been a time when all the world has been at peace, but trade continues in areas affected by regional conflict," said Stale Hansen, chief executive officer of Skuld, a Norwegian mutual marine liability insurer, or protection and indemnity club.
Hy aanvaar sy aanbod om saam te regeer, hy bely sy skuld teenoor Atreus dat hy hom in die verlede onreg aangedoen het en vertrou selfs sy kinders aan hom toe.
It is certainly interesting to see how easily these conventions lend themselves to adaptation for the modern "Vikings" audience, all the while ensuring that they are treated to more varied representations of female characters, such as the fierce yet wise shield-maiden Lagertha who, like her husband, embodies a distilled amalgam of powerful female figures; the tactical prowess of Olof and Skuld, of Hrolf Saga Kraki, the matriarchal character of Laxardalur Saga's Unn the Deep Minded, etc.
We were contemplating Urd Werdande Skuld (The Norris) of 1983, which shows a vast, vaulted passageway receding into an abyss, a fire flickering at its centre.
Technical problems at three fields -- Draugen, Skuld and Valhall -- were blamed for the decline, though NPD said oil production was still about 1 percent higher for the year than anticipated.
Da en son eller dotter drabbas av psykisk sjukdom ar det inte ovanligt att den forandrade livssituationen initialt praglas av en emotionell stress eller radsla for stigmatisering som ofta tar sig uttryck i vrede och skuld hos dessa foraldrar, men att de ocksa med tiden utvecklar en acceptans och ett nytt forhallningssatt till den nya situationen.